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Fashion Design | Fashionary – The Red Moment

[ Fashionary | A Sketchbook Tailor-made for Fashion Designers ]

So, today is Easter Saturday and if I wasn’t excited enough, my Fashionary RED has just arrived from Hong Kong!


2013-03-30 15.22.49

2013-03-30 15.22.54

The Personal Touch | Thankyou Penter x
The Personal Touch | Thankyou Penter x
Fashionary Red | Fabric Covering with Embossed Fashionary Typeface
FASHIONARY Red | Fabric Covering with Embossed FASHIONARY Typeface

You’ve gotta love social media.., oh the things you come across.. talk about the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

I came across Fashionary through Instagram whilst having a nosey at the various ‘fashion illustrations’ and other such hashtaghashtags.

I was intrigued by them, so naturally, I became an instant follower.

I could ramble on about whom, how, when and where Fashionary started.., I think you’d benefit more from reading their blog – How FASHIONARY Start: from sketches to online store.

They really have thought about every detail – as they put it,

The process includes 10 main steps:

  • Brainstorming Ideas of the Sketchbook
  • Developing the Templates
  • Gathering Feedback
  • Research for Information
  • The Outlook
  • Making a Perfect Name
  • Web
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Online Store
    Last Word |
    The main goal of FASHIONARY   is to make the life more easy for fashion designer, and it will continue to improve according to feedback. Although the job is hard, still sweet!

….and that’s before you get to what’s inside.

My initial ‘flick-through’ response is.., wowswers! There is so much in here! It is ram packed full of information – you can see why they coined the name ‘FASHIONARY’ – it is a Fashion Dictionary, with the added bouns of being a handy to carry about sketchbook.

This is such an awesome idea!

To avoid having to eat my hat.., (though I doubt it would be the case) I’ll need to acquaint myself with my FASHIONARY some what more before stating this as fact, though from what I have seen so far – the look, the feel, the seemingly in depth and breadth of information that lies within, I am pretty sure that this should become the fashion student’s bible.

Within, ye shall find:

– Measurement Tools
– 1300 Brands Index
– Books and Bookmarks
– Body Measurements
– Patterns & Flat Drawings
– Specs Sheets
– Fabric Dictionary
– Color & Printing
– Laundry labels
– Seams & Stitches
– Typography and Boards
– Fashion Events
– Monthly Calendar
And of course – the Figure Templates.

Far from protruding out at you, the figure templates, of which there are three on each page, are a silhouette formed by a light orange dotted line. This ables them to be easily drawn on top of.

The FASHIONARY sketchbook comes in either A4 or A5 in a lovely graphite shade. Other than their ‘signature colour’ their limited editions vary from soft pastels, to bold bright and beautiful colours such as my new FASHIONARY Red.

And it doesn’t stop there. FASHIONARY do memo pads too. For which there are two main types of templates: full figures – men, women and kids; and flats in tops and bottoms for both women and men. There is also a FASHIONARY Planner available.., umm.., think that might be a must too ….next time!?!?

For now – I can’t wait to delve in and get started on my first FASHIONARY page! Bring on the Illustrations…


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2 thoughts on “Fashion Design | Fashionary – The Red Moment

  1. Thank you very much Alex for such a wonderful review!! Looking forward to seeing your sketches 🙂

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