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Workshop | Graffiti Board | Action Factory, the YC with a trip to Sam’s Place

I have recently been taken on by Action Factory Community Arts to be involved in the creation and delivery of an arts workshop for a youth group at Greenfield Community Centre, Blackburn. I have worked with Action Factory in the past on a couple of projects and workshops. Action Factory itself is a great space, an Aladdin’s Cave for creative frolics:

Action Factory develops, manages and delivers participatory arts workshops and projects in a range of settings, including work in education, with youth and community groups, at festivals and events, voluntary and campaign groups, with health agencies and housing and regeneration.

The brief was to help the young people create a notice board, graffiti notice board, to go in the room where they all meet up during the week. Don’t ask my why a graffiti, we were originally doing something completely different… apparently it’s the ‘in-thing’ at the moment….?

Meeting the Clients

I went along with one of the arts workers from Action Factory to visit the youth group. WE needed to know more about them and what they want out of this project before the big day in the run up to Easter.

The ages within the youth group started from the very beginning of secondary school, all the way through to college (or sixth-form). They had a lot to say for themselves too, who they are, what they’ve do, what they want – They’re zesty, banterful, and full of life…. this should be fun.

Introducing Sam’s

I was brought here by the same art worker to see if we could find anything which may be of use for the workshop – I had no idea this place existed before Action Factory – it is basically a warehouse full of odd ends, off-cuts, surplus materials or parts of the most random items. You can fill your basket or trolly up to the brim for a few quid.

Fabric Offcuts

Flat Balls

2013-02-28 15.57.18

2013-02-28 15.57.07

2013-02-28 15.56.42

2013-02-28 15.56.36

2013-02-28 15.56.24

2013-02-28 15.56.15

2013-02-28 15.55.18

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