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Snuggled up on Valentines.. Titillating the senses

A day of drawing plush lingerie on curvaceous models. Now for a hot soak with tons of bubbles, a cheeky beverage or few and a dark chocolate steamy pud with ice cream for desert x

P.s. ..please excuse the chipped nails.., they were re-done later in the evening in true pamper night style. x







Fuelled by scrumptious nosh of course.. x

Homemade Salmon & Watercress Moose with Caviar.


Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli with a Sage Butter Dressing.



These little beauties are homemade though, on this occasion, not by myself. They are from a local Italian deli in Darwen called DeliCarlo
I love this place! DeliCarlo used to be in the very centre of the Darwen 3-day market. It is now on the rejuvenated front of the main market facing the boulevard. If you’re every in the area I definitely recommend nipping in for a coffee.. Whether you want to sit at the window bar watching passers by, or grab and run.. Mine’s a latte with a portion a anything from the cool counter.

ACB. x


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