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Drawing Dreams….

Drawing in front of a DVD.., what Sunday evenings are made for… #DVDDrawingDay #YouCanKissMyArt #ACarusBowker (at

So, I am ‘cracking-on’ with my ‘Fauna Britannica’ series, however, like many creatives, sometimes I find myself wanting to create something other than the task at hand…. Far from ‘skiving’, this is always a healthy option as it generally prevents you from becoming tunnel visioned – enabling you step away from the works you are creating, to then to go back to them with fresh eyes.

Normally, for example, I would just set up a few, if not several, easels and flip from one to another… or, being the doodler I am, I would have a doodle-page to hand.

Not on this occasion! I have indadvertedly started a whole new body of works…. I was looking to create a series of myological guardians drawn from the far flung lands of legends, folklore and myth. It wasn’t my intention to start this for some time, though this is undoubtedly the first in the series…. He doesn’t have a name, as yet, though he rather reminds me of the flying (dog-like) ‘Falkor the Luckdragon’ in the ‘Never-Ending Story’ (1984) based on the novel, of the same name, by Michael Ende.

Or, you might say that he looks like ‘The Grim’, though I’d say not, ….considering he is to be a guardian of dreams… definitely not.






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