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Welcome to Narnia….

Bedroom View

Bedroom View


You are in the neighbouring town… there is barely any indication that it has been trying to snow, bar a few lightly dusted car roofs and bonnets and a few white patches on the upper most parts of the valley… you continue on your journey along the road climbing up one side.., a few more, slightly heavier, snow dusted cars dotted amongst random dumps of snow…, then BAM! ….You’re over the hill…, in a white winter wonderland.  Welcome to Narnia. x (Yes! It can be exactly like that!)


I absolutely LOVE the fluffy white stuff! I always have! ….And I dare say, I always will!

Snow = No School.

As a child, one of the perks of living in a village on the edge of the moors in Lancashire, meant that even when others in the nearby towns were able to ‘carry-on’ and get to school, work or wherever else they needed to get to, we were snowed-in. We even had snowed-in days when I was at primary, bearing in mind that our school was also in the village….? – Though parents would not allow us to disappear without first listening to the radio to be doubly sure that school was indeed closed for the day, which was usually the case. We in the meantime, would be gathering our gloves, scarves, bobble hats and wooly jumpers with our sledges at the ready, ….ready for a day of snowmen, snow angels, igloos, sledge races (for which sand box lids were amazing…) and of course hot Vimto to bring the sensation back into your fingers.

I know that to so many, when the snow falls it can bring complete and utter chaos, bringing many lives to a standstill – with regard to getting to work, snow can be no fun at all. However, when you are able to delve in and create a snowman or few…. it really is awesome! Hours of fun!

Walkies Down the WhitwWonderLane

Walkies Down the WhiteWonderLane

Stepping Into Narnia....

Stepping Into Narnia….

...Hello Narnia. x

…Hello Narnia. x

Snow coated tree in Narnia

Snow coated tree in Narnia

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