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BlastFromThePast | You have to love Art College….

Art College Colour Chart

Art College Colour Chart

You have to love Art College… A lifetime later and I still have some of my old colour charts.

I remember doing these – we were in the top floor studio at Blackburn College, in the old red brick ‘Victoria Building’, which was aptly named so.

A few of us decided, and being art students we obviously knew best, that instead of filling in the triangles completely in the neatest way possible, we wanted to do them as above – a little more wishy washy with squiggly lines.  Suffice to say, this this was not accepted by out tutors, was not corrected by ourselves and consequently resulted in us attaining slightly lower marks for this task.  Oooops.

We knew this would happen, and we were fair warned but, no, we did not listen – we much preferred them this way.  After all, we were the ones whom would refer to them time and time again and for our own works.  Far from being arrogant, we genuinely thought this approach was far more creative… though maybe not quite as practical….?

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