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Trinkets for the BIG ‘3’ ‘0’

Okay, so, I’m turning thirty.., apparently.
I’m not going to make a big song and dance about, nor go through all the gorgeous prezzies I received.  I do however want to draw your attention to a couple of the little trinkets I was kindly given.

Firstly, ChloBo. I. Love. You.


My beautiful bambino (little sister) bought this for me – and I love it!
ChloBo was started by a girl my sister knew from her time at university in Chester. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings – She makes them, you collect them. Simple.  I dare say that this will be the first of many….  They are very cute and I recommend having a nosey!

Then, there’s this little beauty…. DIRrrrTtty WIiiiNnne !! – During the summer one of my pearl bracelets pinged off in all directions and was no more thanks to a very beautiful, cheeky and wick LittleAngel . . this little number arrived in the post – it is a beautiful river pearl with a silver ‘A’ pendant . . trumps mine any day! Thank you, I love it. Xx #DirtyWine #Poppy #UhOh #OhDear #Wedding #Sykes’


These boxes of delights, we’re bought by me, por moi.  My tagline for my lingerie degree collection at university was..

A Naughty Ickle Secret Keeps You Smiling All Day

I’m not going to show you inside of the boxes, that’s almost a ‘kiss-and-tell’ ..all I will say is..,  Agent Provocateur.  Myla.  Pleasure State.  Loves plush lingerie!


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