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Smudges | A diptych [2010]Smudges | B diptych [2010]and the godds made love CMother Earth | Mixed Media PaintingAnd the Gods Made Love | A [triptych] Mixed Media PaintingSirens - Beauty; Truth | [diptych] Mixed Media Paintings
Sirens Beauty | A [diptych] Mixed Media PaintingSirens Truth | B [diptych] Mixed Media PaintingPainting Castlefield | Mixed Media PaintingWatery Hollow | Mixed Media PaintingThe Three Muses |  | Mixed Media PaintingElectric Faerie | Mixed Media Drawing
Cupid & the Ravishment of Psyche | Mixed Media DrawingLost- the Vatican | Mixed Media PaintingVenetian BridgewaterHalf Bent, Hidden | Mixed Media PaintingBlue Nude | Mixed Media Painting(TRIPDYTCH C) Ponder - MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 52cm sq [2009]
(TRIPDYTCH B) Blah - MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 52cm sq [2009](TRIPDYTCH - A) A'fix - MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 111cm sq [2009]colour growthBlue Green Yellow PaintMeByNumbers Ladyred, purple & white hidden ladyunderpinning storm

Portfolio | Paintings, a set on Flickr.

An example of previous works, in this case paintings.

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