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[the artist AlexandraCarusBowker]

freelancevisualartist&designer |  Manchester, England

With one thing and another, it has been a year since I updated any of my blogs . . so with this one I am starting afresh.

You might find anything here . . from images of my works, doodles and sketches to images of random visual stimuli, details on upcoming exhibitions to write-ups on exhibitions I’ve visited, et al.

For starts! . . Here is some of that ‘Blurb’ which one is meant to write about oneself :

I am a Visual Artist & Designer based in Manchester, England.  I have spent the last year down in London furthering my career.  I am currently without a studio so am outside painting al fresco in the field in not so sunny Lancashire . . weather permitting that is – though if I have my way, I will be up and running again very soon back in my former artists studios – AWOL Studios in Ancoats, Manchester.

I am keen to learn new fundamental skills and develop those which I already have that are necessary in becoming a successful creative. I am hardworking, enthusiastic and a quick learner, with excellent interpersonal skills. I have an enthusiasm for practical and creative enquiry – I love new challenges and I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to better both myself and my professional practice.
Alexandra Carus Bowker.
[Where You Can Find Me]
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AlexandraCarusBowker. x

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