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paper fruit

This week I have participated in fabricating the work of Thai artist Wit Pimkanchanapong for his installation of a paper fruit stall at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Lancashire. Autumn – Winter 2008.

What a strange task, ….I sat in the side area to the reception in B’burn M&AG wondering what on earth I had let myself in for. The fruit was printed onto pieces of card, you pieced it together in the same way that you might a paper doll with clothes, using the tabs to attach the correct parts together. Gradually, the fruit started to take shape …how long it took to assemble a banana, an orange, et el, varied as some pieces were quite easy and straight forward whilst others took much longer, …beware of the apple!!!!

I’ll admit that at times I did get really frustrated, especially when the already scored card would not fold where it should. This usually happened in the areas that were so delicate and complicated, and when you have both hands and all fingers covered in super strong glue, that later would refuse to come off, it was rather fiddly to say the least. Strangely though, I also found it quite therapeutic!!!

I have said that I will do it again as there are still dozens of the various fruits still left to do…. let’s just hope that when I next go it isn’t just the apples that are left!!!

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