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a quick jaunt down to LDN…. admiring Hadrian …et el

I spent the majority of this week running around London determined to complete an array of different errands!!!! I did however manage to set aside time to meet up with friends both old and new.

Like many others these days, I informed the world of my movements and trek down to London by posting it as my status on none other than Facebook. To my amazement and delight, I awoke on Tuesday morning to missed calls and txts off one of my best friends from when I was at University in Leeds. Chelle, who lives in Vienna was in London for that day only and by sheer ‘chance’ had glimpsed at Facebook. As is tradition we met up and hit the shops stopping only for a quick coffee and a bite to eat. Unfortunately on this occasion I was able to do little more than window shop ;( , Chelle on the other hand picked up some very purdy things!!!!

I also spent one night trying to follow directions to Wagamamas in Piccadilly, which actually seemed to get me lost. Tourists and other persons, whom I’m sure pretended to know which way I needed to go, deffinately didn’t help!!! Nor did the map that I was sent through, ….even Thumbelina would have found it hard to read it was that tiny 😉 !!! I was starving by the time I finally found the others, who were waiting in a pub around the corner after giving up standing around. The cocktails that we started off with later on made everything okay though!!!!

Before I headed back up North, I spent the afternoon at the Hadrian exhibition, situated in the dome library of the British Museum, there was so much to see and to take in ….well worth the trek down there just to see it on it’s own!!!

As of yet, I haven’t got round to writing up my notes, of which there are many. I can however say that the sculptures were divine and the model mock-ups which included Hadrians Palace were amazing, not least for the sheer scale of it ….The interlaced stories and events that made up Hadrian’s life are far more interesting and intriguing than I coud have ever thought!!!

You do not have to be a history buff nor involved in the arts to enjoy this exhibition!!!!

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