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….a week @ Byam Shaw : metal & sculpture

What an amazing week!!!!  If anybody is thinking about doing one of the summer courses at CSM, do it!!!  I met some fantastic people and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Unfortunately, due mainly to the facilities, on my degree it wasn’t possible to experiment with metal to the extent that I would have wished.  On this course however, I was able to try an array of different techniques and acquired new skills that I am more than eager to build upon.  By the end of the week, using these new skills, we were to make a steel sculpture to take with home with us.  This in itself turned out to be quite the challenge, as traveling up to Manchester from London with a large and heavy object, that had many sharp bits sticking out from the bulk of it, was much harder than first thought.  I certainly wasn’t popular on the tube at peak time, where most people took it upon themselves to use me as a human shield.  

Rather than trying to create a completely new piece of sculpture, I decided to build upon the silhouette of a Sphinx that I was currently exploring within my work.  I did this by cutting, heating and bending, (which was my favorite) the metal in as many different ways as possible.  I had immense fun in trying to work out how best to juxtapose and assemble each twisted and contorted piece.  One of my aims had been to use all of the techniques, so I found it most frustrating when I ran out of time and was therefore unable to ‘finish off’ my so-called marquette.  If it had not been for the queue at the grinder, along with a few other minor inconveniences, I like to think that I would have succeeded but that is open to debate.  

Though none of us thankfully even came close to blowing up the workshop with the oxyacetylene, credit must be given to our tutor Tim Peacock, for his patience and determination to get through the week with all of us in tow and in one piece.  He even managed to keep smiling.  Well done!!!!
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