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an explanation into emotion : ‘I call it art’

I have always been captivated by ‘other worlds’ and the fusion of boundaries between dreams and reality. I am aware that this in itself could be seen as sheer escapism, yet all children have a nebulous view of the delineation between the real world and make believe. As adults we need to form firmer boundaries and put this child’s view in a comfortable box that we can cope with. We often except these inter-world experiences as ‘childish imagination’. It is this fusion of dream and reality, conscious and the subconscious, together with my continuing experimentation with different techniques, that I wish to pursue in my work.
I find that my art is my biggest learning curve. I continually strive to better understand and explore what I consider to be the fusion of fantasy and reality. The border lines where these two alternate worlds collide provide a provoking and stimulating reaction of core emotion. I have always found myself drawn to how people react within this, and how this differs within different civilisations. From this I offset figurative imagery against atmospheric settings, reminiscent of skies and storms. My inherent intention is to have my own interpretations of the elements encroach upon the subject, which in part becomes dissipated by these same elements. In direct contrast to this, tension is heightened with an emphasis on light and dark and the interaction between negative and positive spaces, together with the play of space within a composition. This manipulation of perspective can give to a piece a deeper persona where it can take on a new meaning. Images that are drawn onto a flat surface can be heightened with the use of perspective, to take on a three dimensional, sculptural quality. By use of this technique, figures can be given the illusion of protruding out from the flat surface. Through my portrayal of core human emotion, I strive to explore the space in between.

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